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Transversed by the River Po, Turin is an important town both culturally and industrially speaking. The first monument to see is the symbol of Turin the Mole Antonelliana.

Followed by Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Reale, the Colonnata Bell Tower, the Church of St Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini, the Trinity Church, Turin Cathedral, the Church of St Domenico, Palazzo Valentino and Parco Valentino, Palazzo Carignano, the Sanctuary of the Consolata, Villa Reale, Palazzo del Lavoro and the Basilica di Superga.

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Cascina San Vito

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Silvia Vitali


Silvia Vitali

For its city center with many historical palaces, its Museums, the Reggia, the Nature of the Parco del Valentino and the Parco della... (Cascina San Vito) →

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